The Sunshine Singers are working hard prepping for our Halloween-themed fall performance. And we’re planning to take it on the road mid-October!

Do you know of a local Dickson organization that serves elderly, infirmed or others who cannot easily access live music and entertainment… who might enjoy a musical visit from our ghouls & ‘shees? Give us a shout at

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At Centennial Elementary last Thursday, we were fortunate to be joined by some very special guests: Ms. Glenda and two of our middle school friends, Mason and Taylor. We switched up our format just a little to keep it fresh, and had a great time playing, singing and sharing what we love with the students and staff!

REMINDER: Our instructional guitar classes at CENT begin Tuesday, Sept 9. We have room for a few more students, so if you’d like to learn more about what we do and why we do it, please contact your Site Director or email us at

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SBES Music Workshop 

For our final workshop of the summer, we decided to split the Stuart-Burns class into two sections – a vocal section and a guitar section. So what happened when we brought everyone together after a brief brief brief rehearsal? The inevitable competition to be the LOUDEST! And then we switched it up. Wow! Between classes and workshops, this has been a great summer with really fun students! Looking forward to September!

IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1851 IMG_1850 IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1845 IMG_1846_2 IMG_1830_2_2 IMG_1831_2 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1864 IMG_1863 IMG_1862 IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1874 IMG_1878 IMG_1888 IMG_1886 IMG_1890

There was something very magical in this room Thursday night.

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Charlie Worsham rocking the house during CMA week. Proceeds from the show were generously donated to the Quest Center AND earned us a mention in ROLLING STONE!IMG_9036 IMG_9047 IMG_9053_2 IMG_9057 IMG_9069DSDC Sunshine Singers rocking the parade route during Old Timers’ Day 2014IMG_8799 IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_0314_2 IMG_0296

STRINGJAM!IMG_9226 IMG_9227_2 IMG_9229 IMG_9232 IMG_9236 IMG_9237 IMG_1535

VES students perform for the Dickson County Board of Education. Pay no attention to the man who just had eye surgery!IMG_8762_2 IMG_8763 IMG_8766_2 IMG_8770_2 IMG_8776_2 IMG_8788_2 IMG_8781_2

STRINGJAM! IMG_8535 IMG_9558 IMG_8538_2 IMG_8539 IMG_8541 IMG_8543_2 IMG_8544

VES Music WorkshopIMG_8164 IMG_8163 IMG_8161_2 IMG_8212_2 IMG_8188 IMG_8179_2 IMG_8194 IMG_8260 IMG_8259 IMG_8262 IMG_8285_2 IMG_8321_3 IMG_8326_2 IMG_8330_2 IMG_8340_2 IMG_8353_2 IMG_8365_2 IMG_8364_2 IMG_8361_2 IMG_8356_3 IMG_8385_3 IMG_8401_2 IMG_8417_2 IMG_8342_2

Christmas in Downtown Dickson 2013, after the ice.IMG_7732_2IMG_7716_2IMG_7700_2IMG_7698_2IMG_7683_2 IMG_7677IMG_7735

DSDC Awards BanquetIMG_7641 IMG_7639 IMG_7634 IMG_7629

Songwriting workshop with Bernie NelsonIMG_7487 IMG_7525 IMG_7521 IMG_7518 IMG_7517 IMG_7515_2 IMG_7512 IMG_7508_2 IMG_7504 IMG_7497 STRINGJAM!IMG_7874_2 IMG_7226 IMG_7223 IMG_7222 IMG_7221

St. Christopher’s LifeTeen ChoirIMG_6962 IMG_6959_2 IMG_6958 IMG_6957 IMG_6956 IMG_6954 IMG_6951

Workshop led by Universal Music and SXSW execs  IMG_6863_2 IMG_6862 IMG_6860 IMG_6855 IMG_6852_2 Biz workshop #1 - Annie responds to a question from Nathaniel IMG_6846_2

St. Christopher’s LifeTeen Music Campphoto-27 lmc 3 IMG_6355_2 IMG_6358_2 IMG_6350 IMG_6352 photo-28 lmc 4_2 IMG_6342 IMG_6340 IMG_6339_2 photo-25 lmc 1 IMG_6335_2

STRINGJAM!IMG_6077 IMG_7056 IMG_6095 IMG_7052 IMG_6092 IMG_7056 IMG_6095 IMG_7054 IMG_7052 IMG_6092 IMG_7051 IMG_6088 IMG_6087

Live & Local at Farmer’s Family RestaurantIMG_4615IMG_4617Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 10.16.14 AM IMG_4620_2 IMG_4630 Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 3.23.34 PM IMG_4626_2 IMG_4629 Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 1.09.27 PM IMG_4625 IMG_4642_2 IMG_4643 IMG_4654 Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 10.21.19 AM IMG_4648_2IMG_4381 IMG_4325_2 IMG_4392 IMG_4384 IMG_4381_2 IMG_4376 IMG_4373 IMG_4371 IMG_4364 IMG_4357 IMG_4356 IMG_4352 IMG_4349 IMG_4341 IMG_4340 IMG_4334 IMG_4317 IMG_4312_2 IMG_4307 IMG_4306


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